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28 Jun


Next Stop: Grenada

June 28, 2018 | By |

Welcome to Pure Grenada, Spice of the Caribbean. Luscious rolling hills, white sandy beaches and turquoise seawater infuse Grenada with a singular Caribbean vibe. Boasting the beauty of Grand Anse Beach, the rich history and culture of St. George’s and the delectable flavours of spice plantations and rum distilleries, Grenada is a thrill to discover.

What to do in Grenada

What to do in Grenada

Get Out and About On The Island

Discover a large variety of activities, both on land and in the water. Hike along incredible trails, visit lovely national parks and tropical gardens, or snorkel in warm, clear waters. Indulge your body and spirit on this wonderful island and come out feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Tall Trees and Waterfalls

Grenada is known for its stunning waterfalls and great hiking. Alongside a knowledgeable guide, trek through the rainforest to the first of the Seven Sisters Waterfalls and take a dip in its cool, refreshing waters. Race atop the forest canopy or zipline through the trees at Grenada High Wire.

Colourful Parks and Gardens

Known as a nature lover’s paradise, Grenada is home to several national parks and reserves. Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve features lush tropical flowers, a large variety of native bird species and majestic mahogany and gommier trees. For a different type of garden adventure, visit a herb and spice garden and learn all about Grenada’s unique flavours.

Snorkeling in Grenada

Underwater Beauty

Experience a new take on diving at the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, filled with over 100 underwater sculptures shaped out of old concrete and rebar. If you’d prefer something close to the water’s surface, check out Grenada’s water sports options and snorkelling to see beautiful coral reefs and vibrant marine life.

Rejuvenation, Island-Style

Soothe yourself—body and soul—at the island’s sulphur springs. Embark on a short hike through a beautiful forest, then soak in the natural hot springs and let your worries float away. Or, try out a beach yoga class, where you’ll take in stunning ocean views and practice with some of the island’s best certified yoga instructors.

Be Pampered in Paradise

Known for its luxurious spas and high-end retreats, Grenada is the perfect place to pamper yourself from head to toe with relaxing massages and body treatments. Then, soak up the sun on one of the island’s beautiful beaches. Morne Rouge Beach and Magazine Beach are popular choices, with fine white sand and clear, warm water.

15 Jun


All in for Grenada

June 15, 2016 | By |

Sandals® LaSource Grenada gives you more: more dining, more service, more style, and more fun. Everything you could ask for to make this a truly unforgettable Luxury Included® vacation.

Endless Pools

You’ll always find a refreshing place to relax with three freshwater swimming pools and two river pools. The ocean-side infinity pool blends seamlessly into the horizon, and the Pink Gin Pool boasts a living room in its centre. It’s the perfect place for a late night cocktail.

Butler Service

In top-tier room categories, your butler, trained by the Guild of Professional English Butlers, will take care of everything like dinner reservations, excursions, even unpacking your bags. Throughout your stay, your butler is only a phone call away with your very own butler cell phone.

Rooms beyond Imagination

Discover accommodations designed to deliver the most awe-inspiring experience ever. Swim-up suites boast patios that open to an infinity-edge river pool, and Skypool Suites, top floor suites of the Italian Village, feature infinity-edge plunge pools that blend seamlessly with the distant horizon.

Unlimited Water Sports

Sandals are the only resorts in the Caribbean to include unlimited diving for certified divers. Explore Grenada’s spectacular dive sites that include well-preserved wrecks and colourful reef systems. Above the waves, enjoy unlimited kayaking, snorkelling, paddle boarding and more.

Health & Wellness

Sandals exclusive Red Lane® Spa* offers the finest in Caribbean-inspired treatments with nine treatment rooms, a beauty salon and a steam room. Looking for a little workout? You have access to a state-of-the-art, air-conditioned fitness centre, 24/7.

(*additional cost)

5-Star Global Gourmet™

Savor an epicurean adventure that takes you from the passionate palate of Rome and the sophistication of France, to the delectable bounty of the sea and the Caribbean’s first true steakhouse. The world is yours at 10 delicious restaurants – all included.

15 Jun


The Sandals of Tomorrow

June 15, 2016 | By |

Sandals® LaSource Grenada truly is the Sandals of Tomorrow, taking innovation beyond the realm of imagination to create a resort unlike anything you have ever seen. General Manager, Peter Fraser, takes us on a tour of this unique resort in the heart of Grenada’s exclusive Pink Gin Beach.

What are some of the unique innovations that set Sandals LaSource apart?

The resort has three distinct villages each housing a unique innovation. All three have Tranquility Soaking Tubs™ for two, the Italian Village is home to our Skypool Suites and the Pink Gin Village has a living room in the pool.

How does the choice of villages improve the vacation experience?

Each village has a unique ambience and great service. You can go from stylish and sophisticated to upbeat and vibrant in one vacation.

For you, what is the highlight of these innovations?

The stunning architecture allows for many niches of privacy. The resort never appears crowded and has a sense of exclusivity.

What’s your favourite dish at the steakhouse?

I love the Wagyu striploin. It’s a massaged beef, slightly grass fed but mostly corn fed which gives it a little sweetness. It is just the right size when you are discovering all the courses on the menu.

What’s the best scuba diving site in Grenada?

Monument Park. It has these beautiful underwater sculptures. The Flamingo site is also spectacular and has lots of seahorses and tropical fish.

For you, what is a must while visiting Grenada?

A visit to the Carenage with its quaint buildings and historic architecture makes for a nice walk around. From any point in St. George’s you can get a breathtaking view. And of course, a visit to the rainforest to see the Mona Monkeys at Grand Etang National Park.

15 Jun


Sandals LaSource Grenada

June 15, 2016 | By |

Welcome to a world that defies convention, where there are pools in the sky and living rooms in swimming pools. Sandals® LaSource Grenada is an exotic island paradise designed to deliver a vacation beyond the unexpected.

Discover impeccable accommodations, graceful service, elegant dining and so much more. Fill your days with explorations of Grenada’s amazing scuba diving sites, lush rainforest and irrepressible local charm.

It’s the best of everything coming together to create a whole new vacation experience.

24 May


Fun for the Family

May 24, 2016 | By |

Grenada is the perfect choice for your family with beautiful beaches, fascinating wildlife, and enough adventure for even your most energetic little traveller.

Seafaris Powerboat Adventure

This custom built powerboat is a thrill a minute as you race across Grenada’s coastal waters. Stops include secluded bays where you’ll learn about the unique marine wildlife, and an opportunity to snorkel at the famous Underwater Sculpture Park, designed to help regenerate the coral population.

Spice Island Waterpark

Grenada’s first waterpark is a hit with kids of every age. On Morne Rouge Beach, your kids will love the great choice of oversized inflatable water toys and structures. This is a very quiet bay where the water is always calm and warm – perfect for every level of swimmer.

Turtle Watching

A life-changing experience for every member of your family. Between April and August the magnificent Leatherback Turtle comes ashore to lay their eggs. Join a guided excursion for an unforgettable encounter with this amazing creature.

24 May


The Island à deux

May 24, 2016 | By |

Getting away for some quality time with that special someone? Grenada reignites the flame with beautiful scenery, lots of fun, and plenty of quiet moments.

Champagne Sunset Cruise

This is the definition of romance; a glass of champagne, a glorious sunset across the Caribbean Sea, and a warm evening breeze. The luxurious Shadowfax catamaran takes you and your loved one on a romantic journey around some of Grenada’s most scenic coastline.

Sulphur Springs

Dive into Grenada’s volcanic origins with a dip into a warm, soothing and therapeutic sulphur spring. There are a number across the island but the easiest to reach is the Claboney spring in Grenville. The gentle hike through the rainforest makes the final destination all the more rewarding.

The Belmont Estate

The Belmont Estate began as a sugar cane plantation in the 17th century. It survives today as an inspiring story of organic tree-to-bar chocolate production, nutmeg farming and agri-tourism. A day here is a unique celebration of Grenada’s past, enthusiastic present and vibrant future.

24 May


Magdalena Knows Chocolate

May 24, 2016 | By |

Magdalena Fielden is a leading figure in the Grenadian chocolate movement. She shares her unique experience of the food industry that’s taking the world by storm, one bar at a time.

Why are you so passionate about chocolate?

I was born in Mexico. I remember my grandmother making amazing hot chocolate, cakes and chicken mole. After living in Grenada for many years and looking for new experiences for our guests at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, I asked Mott Green to share his story. That was the beginning.

What does Mott Green’s tree-to-bar legacy mean to you?

Mott had the vision of creating the first tree-to-bar organic, ethically produced and sustainable chocolate bar in the world. Mott put Grenada on the map.

Why is Grenadian chocolate so special?

The unspoiled ecosystem around the plantations help the final chocolate have fantastic notes and flavours. Grenada is one of eight countries where all the cacao production is “fine quality”.

What should we look for in next year’s Grenada Chocolate Festival?

We’ll see more workshops about chocolate and cacao. More participation from schools and farmers. One of the main goals of the festival is to create more farmers and chocolatiers in Grenada.

What was the inspiration for the new House of Chocolate?

After organizing the second Chocolate Fest and seeing all the enthusiasm, I felt it was necessary to have a place where we could continue to showcase Grenadian cacao and chocolate.

As a visitor, what will surprise me most?

The aroma of cacao, chocolate and spices. But also what it takes to produce an ethical bar of chocolate. You will never see chocolate the same way again!

Do you have a favourite chocolate treat we should all try?

Difficult question… I love it all, but probably the Grenada-style cacao tea with a scoop of our homemade nutmeg ice cream.

24 May


It’s Always a Good Time for Grenada

May 24, 2016 | By |

Welcome to the island of Grenada, a beautiful, secluded piece of paradise in the southern Caribbean. Whether you’re travelling as a couple, a family or with friends, you’ll discover an exciting island with a rich culture and joie de vivre.

Be sure to check out the local tree-to-bar organic chocolate movement, spend a day at a breathtaking beach, and broaden your horizons with an experience of one of the Caribbean’s most pristine rainforests.

Air Canada Vacations flies year-round to Grenada and has some great resorts with all the best activities, so it’s always a good time to try something new.

28 May


10 Reasons You Need to Visit the Lesser Antilles

May 28, 2015 | By |

If you find Venezuela on a map, you’ll also find a string of tiny islands going north. These are the Lesser Antilles and they ring the outer edge of the Caribbean Sea. They are small and unique, and places most people have never visited. Here are 10 reasons you should go.

1) English Harbour in Antigua

English Harbour Antigua

Antigua was an important part of the British presence in the Caribbean. The old fortifications make for a change of pace from the beach (if you need one). Nelson’s Dockyard has been nicely restored and Shirley Heights is a good walk with a rewarding view over the bay.

2) Rendezvous Bay in Antigua

Rendezvous Bay is the definition of idyllic. It’s the kind of beautiful that should only exist in art or the imagination. It’s long and soft and virtually empty. You can only get there by boat or a 90-minute walk through the rainforest. But it is more than worth it.

3) Arikok National Wildlife Park in Aruba

Arikok National Wildlife Park

20% of Aruba is dedicated to this protected area. You can rent a car and drive its 11 km of roads, but the best way to experience it is on a guided tour with a park ranger. You’ll see divi-divi trees, cacti, aloe and any number of birds and reptiles. The Arikok National Park conservation fee is $11 per adult (children under 17 are free of charge). The tours are free; they only need to be booked at least one day in advance.

4) Screaming Eagle Restaurant in Aruba

Food is huge in Aruba, and, as you might expect, seafood is top of the menu. The Screaming Eagle near Eagle Beach has a French fusion vibe and serves creations like tuna tartar with fried soft shell crab, and wakame salad with spicy papaya mayonnaise. They also have a nicely stocked wine cellar and a bartender who knows what he’s doing. Check out their menu and make a reservation in advance.

5) Seafood Friday in Saint Lucia

For most of the week Sant Lucia’s Anse La Raye is a tiny and endearing fishing village that makes for a relaxing afternoon of browsing the few stores and chatting over cool drinks. But come Friday night, locals from all over the island follow the coast road to the weekly fish fry. Street vendors roll out and the music gets loud. It’s a lot of fun but a bit wild later in the night.

6) Hot Springs in Saint Lucia

Hot Springs in Saint Lucia

Around Soufriere [su • frer], there are two popular places for a hot dip. The Sulphur Springs are known as the world’s only drive-in volcano and for their naturally hot swimming pool. The other place is the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths. It’s a Napoleon-era estate, and the European-style baths and gardens are very tranquil and open to the public.

7) Bean to Bar in Grenada

One of the hottest trends in Grenada is chocolate. The rich volcanic soil produces a unique bean. The current food trend of organic, ethical and authentic has also touched the island, giving rise to Grenada Chocolate Co. and the bean to bar philosophy. You can tour their farm and check out their blog.

8) Diving in Grenada

Diving Grenada

All of the islands of the Lesser Antilles have great beaches, clear water and spectacular scuba diving. Grenada has more than 50 dive sites, with something for all levels of experience. They also have a number of shipwrecks and a unique underwater sculpture park, which make for great photos.

9) Willemstad in Curaçao

Willemstad, Curaçao

The primary European influence in Curaçao is not English or Spanish, it’s Dutch, and you’ll find this distinction everywhere you look. Willemstad, the capital, is a lively port and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s full of colourful European architecture, an intriguing patois, and Dutch/Caribbean food creations you’ve never seen before, like keshi yená (stuffed Gouda cheese), and funchi (delicious fried corn bread), all available at Marshe Bieuw, the old market downtown.

10) Klein Curaçao

Klein, Curaçao

Curaçao has some great beaches, like Boka St. Michiel in a small fishing village, or Blue Bay not far from Willemstad. But by far the best is Klein Curaçao. It’s a tiny island two hours by boat from Curaçao. A day trip here is all about soft sand, snorkelling, scuba diving and beach barbecues.


20 May



May 20, 2015 | By |

Feel instantly renewed on this Caribbean island that boasts silky stretches of white sand beaches, sunken treasures adorned by corals, and unspoilt landscapes undiscovered by crowds.

Romance never ends

You will never run out of quiet moments and secret spots. Stay in a sophisticated boutique hotel or a spectacular all-inclusive. From there, set out and explore the secluded beaches like La Sagesse Beach in the Parish of St. David, fine dining at the Lighthouse Ship Restaurant, or Jassmine Eden Garden, which sparkles at dusk with thousands of fireflies.

Dive the blue

Clear warm waters, amazing marine life and colourful reefs make Grenada great for diving year-round. You can explore over 50 dive sites, including many shipwrecks like the largest shipwreck in the Eastern Caribbean, the Bianca C or “Titanic of the Caribbean”, and the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park, an artistic and ecological celebration of the ocean.

Eco meets adventure

From beach to rainforest to waterfall in less than half an hour is the fun-filled reality of this magical island. Head into the rustic interior, especially Grand Etang National Park and the Seven Sisters Waterfalls for experiences of incredible natural beauty. Be sure to keep a look out for the local Mona Monkey and the many spectacular birds.

Tropical chocolate

World-renowned, award-winning and ethically produced, Grenada’s organic cocoa is in high demand these days in culinary capitals across Europe and Japan. Tour a chocolate factory and see the unique Bean-to-Bar process. For true chocolate lovers, visit during the annual Chocolate Festival for lots of cocoa-related activities, like tastings and a sunset bonfire chocolate cook-up.

Dig the dish

Food in Grenada is superb. The rich volcanic soil means local organic produce is plentiful and delicious. Seafood is fresh and enticing, and the rum is old and smooth. This island is also the world’s second largest producer of nutmeg and this savoury spice can be found in imaginative creations across the island, including at the weekly Fish Friday in Gouyave.

Carry on Carnival

The three islands of Grenada boast two of the Caribbean’s liveliest carnivals, where colourful parades, upbeat music, and fantastic costumes celebrate the islands’ European and African roots. The highlight of Carriacou’s carnival is Shakespeare Mas, a fun take on the bard’s Julius Caesar. Grenada’s best day is J’ouvert (from French jour ouvert), an unforgettable street party.