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23 Mar


Peter Takes Us Home

March 23, 2016 | By |

Peter Mayers, a Bajan native, is the Director of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. for Canada. He takes us back to the island of his youth to tell us just why it’s such a magical place.

Why will Canadian families love Barbados?

Canadian families come for the beaches, culinary scene and rich list of events in Barbados; but they return repeatedly because of the warm, friendly people and celebratory spirit.

What do you remember most about growing up in Barbados?

The strong sense of community, which still exists today.

If you took us on a tour, where would we go?

The scenic spots like Harrison’s Cave, and the best beaches on the east and west coast. The historic spots like the Garrison Historic Area in Bridgetown (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Plus, no trip to Barbados—the birthplace of rum—would be complete without a trip to Mount Gay Rum or St. Nicholas Abbey.

What kinds of accommodations will we find?

Barbados offers everything from the elegance of world-class resorts and private villas, to family-friendly all-inclusive resorts and full-service suites.

The best thing for kids to do?

Discover! There are subterranean streams and waterfalls to explore, and an underwater shipwreck to see in a submarine tour.

Your favourite dish?

The catch of the day with grilled potatoes and veggies from Oistins Fish Fry.

Any tips for an amazing family vacation?

Visit during a festival for a truly unforgettable experience. You don’t want to miss the culture and colour of Crop Over in July.

Any fun expressions we should know?

There is a Bajan saying: Every day don’t break the same way! It means “every day is different”; and indeed it is, with so much to do in Barbados!