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19 Sep


Jamaica by Shaggy

September 19, 2014 | By |

International Reggae star Shaggy has travelled the world, but Jamaica will always be home. This Grammy-winning, Platinum-selling “Mr. Boombastic” takes us to his favourite places.

The best local eats?

Definitely Screechie in Hellshire Beach (about 30 min. outside of Kingston) for sizzling fried fish and lobster.

Favourite spot for a night on the town?

That’s a toss up between Fiction Lounge and Famous Nightclub, depending on my mood.

Favourite music venue?

For me the absolute best music experience is a street dance. Local radio is great too. They play a lot of Jamaican classics and new artists.

Favourite place for a day at the beach?

Golden Eye Beach on the north coast 
of Jamaica near Ocho Rios. And yes, it 
was named by Ian Flemming, the James 
Bond writer.

Favourite thing to do on a quiet afternoon?

Get in my car and drive up the mountain to Strawberry Hill. When it's hot, it's always cool in the hills.

Best place to hang out and experience Jamaican culture?

In the countryside. The food, people, and environment are always true Jamaica.

One essential to bring with you for a trip 
to Jamaica?

Swim trunks, of course!

Why should we visit Jamaica at least once 
in our lives?

So you can say, “I did it.”

What’s next for Shaggy?

Currently on tour, but keep an eye out for another album, and see you soon Canada on our next tour!