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27 Nov


5 Diving Spots to Explore in Curaçao

November 27, 2014 | By |

Curaçao’s beautiful beaches are for more than just lounging around: they offer tons of amazing diving opportunities. In light of its world-renowned marine life, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 diving and snorkelling spots in Curaçao. Here they are!

1) Superior Producer

In 1977, the Superior Producer set sail for South America, making a stop in Curaçao along the way to refuel. Unfortunately, the ship never made it to its final destination. Today, this shipwreck lies at the bottom of the ocean and makes for a fascinating diving experience. It is covered in various species of corals, including the orange tube coral. When the polyps extend to catch food in the night, the wreck turns orange. Different areas of the wreckage are suitable for different diving experience levels: the open wreck is ideal for beginners, while advanced divers can explore the engine room and crew cabins.

2) Porto Mari – The Valley


In addition to its beach, Porto Mari offers great diving and snorkelling opportunities. Home to a double reef named “the Valley” that is accessible from the shore, this diving spot is ideal for beginners. There is a variety of marine life to observe here, including sting rays, eagle rays and groupers. After your underwater exploration, you can cool down with a drink at Porto Mari’s boat-shaped beach bar.

3) Curaçao Sea Aquarium

The Curaçao Sea Aquarium is not just a place to observe marine life from a distance – here, you can get into snorkelling gear and swim with stingrays, groupers and tropical fish in the aquarium’s natural lagoons. Sharks and sea turtles also reside at this aquarium, though these are creatures you will have to observe from behind a glass partition.

4) Mushroom Forest & The Blue Room (aka “The Cave”)

Blue Room

Mushroom Forest is exactly what its name sounds like – a series of coral formations that look like mushrooms. Right next to Mushroom Forest is the Blue Room, a cave that is accessible via a narrow opening that allows sunlight to pass through, giving it a vivid blue colour that makes it appear as though it is lit up.

5) Playa Kalki (aka “Alice in Wonderland”)

Dubbed “Alice in Wonderland,” Playa Kalki’s reef features an underwater wonderland of colourful fish. Lobsters, eels, dolphins and whale sharks can also be spotted. The beach (Kalki) gets its name from its limestone cliffs, called “Kalki” in Papiamentu (one of Curaçao’s three official languages – Dutch and English are the other two).

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